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Electric Stoves

Probably the easiest, cheapest and most hassle-free method of heating your home, electric stoves come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles, meaning they really can be installed just about anywhere! With the bonus of not needing an existing chimney or flue system, there are very little limitations in terms of installation and location within a room, making electric stoves very popular for people who cannot have a traditional chimney or flue system or very small rooms where a woodburner or gas stove would be overpowering.

Electric stoves work by drawing in cold air from the room and heating the air up internally by way of a heating coil, and then gently releasing this warm air back into the room via an internal fan. As a result, no carbon monoxide is produced, either up the chimney or out into the room, making electric stoves a far safer and cleaner alternative to other heating methods. Electric stoves come with either log or coal flame effects, with the option to adjust the heat output and the flame height, and many even have the option to turn the heat off completely, allowing you to enjoy the relaxing flame effect without the heat.

So, whether you are looking for an electric stove to heat a small area, or you have a large room in need of an extra heat source, Firebox Stoves can help you find just what you are looking for. We sell a large range of the best electric stoves on the market, from all the big names and manufacturers, and throughout the process we will be here to help, from choosing your electric stove to the install process and after-care, ensuring you get the best out of your new electric stove.

In terms of efficiency, most electric stoves can be 95-100% efficient due to the fact that all the energy is turned into usable heat and none is lost up the chimney or flue system (because there isn’t one!). However, in terms of output, electric stoves tend to be significantly less due to the amount if energy needed to create heat. Most electric stoves are limited to around 2kW output, compared to their gas or solid fuel counterparts which are significantly higher, meaning that this would be insufficient to heat a standard sized front room.
Electric stoves do not produce carbon monoxide or other toxic gases whilst on, therefore they do not require a chimney or flue system in order to be installed but rather can be plugged in directly to the mains. They can be fitted to almost any wall in the house, and some are portable, so you can move the heat around, depending on which room requires heating. They work by way of drawing in cool air and heating this up using a heating coil, and the propelling this into the room via a fan. The advantage of this is that you will get a more evenly distributed heat throughout the room, but the disadvantage is you are limited on heat output and some can produce humming sounds due to the moving fans. Electric stoves are a great option for homes where floor space is limited and having a chimney or flue system installed is not an option. They are also very easy to use, and many come with remote controls, so you can adjust the temperature and flames from the comfort of your sofa. Many electric stoves also have the option to turn the heat off whilst still being able to enjoy the flame effect, making them ideal for new-builds or very well insulated homes where heat is not required but the relaxing flame effect is.
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