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My Stove is Flooding the Room With Smoke - Help!

On especially cold days, your stove's flue can fill with damp, cold, heavy air. This presents an issue, as your flue has to be warm to work properly. Because of this, smoke can simply flow into the room as it becomes the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to deal with this but a little trial and error, but our expert staff use the following methods themselves to solve the issue.

1. Leave the stove door open for an hour before you plan to light the stove, as natural warmth from the room can gradually pre-heat the flue.

2. Before lighting the stove with kindling, light 10-15 sheets of newspaper inside your stove.

Newspaper burns quickly and hot and will put a quick heat injection into the flue. Quickly follow lighting the stove with kindling in the usual manner except keeping the door slightly ajar for a longer period of time than usual. (We find 30 minutes works well.)

3. Use either a blowtorch or hairdryer to preheat the flue, by holding inside stove.