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The information below provides a guide of the typical information we require to correctly identify the part required. Please note, in some instances, further information may be required in addition to this.

 Type of appliance  Information required
 Domestic gas fired appliances including fires and space  heaters.
  • Gas Council (GC) number
  • Make and model reference
  • Serial number
 Wood and multi-fuel stoves, cookers and room heaters
  • Make and model reference
  • Details from existing part such as casting number, dimensions etc.
  • Serial number




As a general rule, obtaining as many details as possible from the appliance should enable us to correctly identify the part required. You can also supply us with photographs of the appliance data badge or item you require - please use the form on our contact us page to upload your image.
Please also try our exclusive Parts Atlas (found also on the home page) to view 100s of stove parts diagrams and spares lists. 

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